Delivery Fees

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Carl S

What are your delivery fees?

It mainly depends on weight, size and desalination of your order.

For UK mainland deliveries for orders up to 20kg, the cost is typically between£4.50 to £8.00 for a standard delivery.

The heavier the package the more it will be.
Around 80% of the orders we send out are £4.50

Highlands, Islands and other destinations around the world will vary.


Meal Weight

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Carol P

How much does each hot pack meal weigh?

A Boxed Hot pack meal with the heater, cutlery, food tray and packaging weighs 440g

On its own the main meal are 300g, unlike freeze dried meals they already have the water added.

An action pack consists of Meal, heater, water sachet, long handled plastic spork.
( The Spork can be reused many times and is a recyclable material )
An Action pack is 360g


Shipping cost

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Steve G

How much is shipping?

If you add the items you want to the basket then click on ‘checkout’ the postage cost will be calculated based on the items you wish to purchase.


How Long?

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Peter S

How long do your hot pack meals take to heat?

Each meal takes about 10 minutes to heat.