24-Hour Ready to Eat Meals

When your work or expedtion is taking you beyond the beaten track, or even just out of range of the usual catering facilities then our 24 Hour Pack is perfect to add to your kit.

We’ve curated 24-hour ration packs for emergency provisions, camping trips, emergency services, treks and more. With both vegetarian and meat options available, each pack includes two main meals, energy bars, snacks an drinks. Just choose the pack that looks the best to you!

We can provision large and long expeditions as well as large and small companies and we specialise in the support services. Our knowledgeable team can create a bespoke ration plan for you or your business. Call us on 01778 560868 to speak with a representative.

Prepare for your Autumn Camping Trip

Now that the summer holidays are coming to an end, some of the UK’s best beauty spots will be practically empty, so it’s a great time to plan Autumnal camping trips. Some people only associate camping with warm weather and summer holidays, but you can camp into Autumn and beyond.

Revise your summer camping kit with some Autumn and winter essentials like warmer thermal sleeping bags, possibly a smaller tent so the heat can be held within better, and don’t forget that layering is key.

When choosing a spot to pitch your tent, look for more sheltered spots from the wind, or ones that get some sun for most of the day to warm up your tent for you. Nothing better than waking up to a sun drenched tent thats nice and warm when the weather outside is a bit cooler.

A sleeping bag that has a head pocket is great to make sure you’re snug and warm when sleeping. These are often called ‘mummy-style- as they wrap you right up. There are roomier ones out there if you toss and turn, so have a look at the different styles to decide what’s right for you.

Bring lots of layers that are easily foldable so that way you can use them to sleep in and hike. A good rain poncho is key, especially ones that can fit over your whole pack. There’s some great options out there that can be used as ground cover or even tent shelter as well!

And lastly, make sure you’ve got access to hot meals to warm you up. Start your day off with one our filling breakfasts, then you may want to just pack some snacks while hiking, and finish the day off with one of our delicious dinners. Hot Pack meals are specially designed to just need a little bit of water to activate the heater, and in 10-12 minutes you will have a delicious warm meal. You can choose between meat and vegetarian options. Check all our options here.

Are you giving Autumnal camping a go this year? We’d love to hear where you are planning to go!