Add your Covid-19 supplies to your pack

With the rise of Coronavirus (Covid-19) you may have to pack your expedition or camping bags a little differently than you used to.

It’s always good to make sure you’ve got anti-bacterial gel on hand. When hiking and having to open and close access gates, it’s always good practice to clean your hands after to avoid germ contamination. You can also wipe down any surfaces other people may have touched such as picnic tables or power outlets if in a campground.

Masks are common practice these days, and while re-usable ones are a great option, you may run out of safe ones, so having a pack of disposable masks on hand or in a backpack pocket ensures you’ve always got a fresh one.

So when adding your food supplies to your cart, don’t forget to visit our Covid-19 supplies here to add your hand sanitiser and face masks as well.