Hot Meals While Hiking

Photo by David Wheater on Unsplash

With Covid-19 restrictions many people are looking for places to get outdoors, and taking trips closer to home. Coupled with some of the best weather the UK has had, camping and ‘glamping’ has unsurprisingly been on the rise.

Don’t have your own tent? There are many options around the UK that include pop up tents with beds already set up, caping pods or small cabins to keep you warm and dry, or even horse boxes that have been transformed into an overnight haven.

Whatever your choice, cooking and making elaborate meals might not be at the forefront of you thoughts as you want to get out and see the stunning scenery and landscape around you. Our range of self-heating meals offer a quick and delicious way to dine without having to cart heavy cooking equipment on your holiday.

Simply add a small amount of water to activate the heat sachet and in 10-12 minutes you have a nice hot meal. Perfect for sitting around a campfire, or grabbing something quick before hitting your next hike.

Ditch the cooking equipment for easy self-heating meals

Skip packing stoves and cumbersome cook-wear, and just toss in some self-heating meals into your expedition pack! What if we said you would have no dishes to wash, no rummaging for the right pots and cooking utensils, just quick and easy meal prep?

With our self-heating ready to eat meals there is just one easy pack and a biodegradable long handled spork. Add a little water to the flameless heater and let science heat up your meal with a chemical reaction, which is perfectly safe. Dig in and enjoy! 

Once you’re done everything can be put back into the food back for disposal, making clean up a no-fuss job. 

Self-heating meals are great for camping, expeditions, or anywhere you would want to look forward to a hot, easy meal at the end of your day. Or start your day off with our hot breakfast starts! There’s such a variety of meals you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner for several days and try something new each time. 

Ready to Eat Meals for Everyone

We create tasty and favourite meals to ensure you want to eat all of our food to fuel you. We offer vegetarian or meat ready to eat meals in a variety of flavours to ensure you can get a varied and exited meal choice.

When MRE’s were first developed, catering to individual meal tastes and preferences would ensure service members actually ate their whole ration and getting the proper nutrition. 

Ready to eat meals have come a long way and now you can look forward to your next meal, whether it’s  while you’re working for emergency services, on an expedition or trek, or just camping in the wilderness away from it all. All of our meals are delicious and packed full of the calories and energy needed when in extreme conditions.

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