Emergency Rations with Hot Pack Meals

An emergency kit is vital in the event of a major incident emergency or disaster. It can ensure your families survival until help arrives, or if the emergency services are overwhelmed. In the UK, storms and flooding often mean that thousands of people are left with no gas or electricity and maybe even fresh water. Perhaps having to survive for a day or so in upstairs rooms without cooking facilities.

Having self-heating food available in this situation would make sure you can still have a hot meal without the use of a kitchen. In other parts of the world where hurricanes, earthquakes and more occur frequently taking down trees and power lines, a survival grab and go bag is recommended. 

Supplies should be checked every few months, as even though the hot pack meals have long best before dates, they should be replaced before their expiry ensuring you’re not caught out should you require a hot meal.

Browse our self heating meals or ready to eat meals to make su/re you’ve got food rations when you need them.

Hot Pack Meals for Duke of Edinburgh Award

Hotpack meals are ideal food supplies for young people taking their first steps into the expedition world, such as the duke of Edinburgh program run by many schools.

The criteria for this expedition is that students prepare themselves a hot meal on an evening. Hot pack meals are an ideal alternative to carrying around pans, mini gas hobs and tins of food. Especially when heavily weighed down by other essentials such as tents, sleeping bags and clothes. The high caloric intake provides the required energy, and the warmth a much needed comfort on cold rainy nights. 

Shop our range on our website, and choose between self-heating meals, or ready to eat meals that can be eaten both hot or cold. We also have a range of pack and go meals, which are lightweight freeze dried meals that just need hot water added to make a delicious dinner.

Enjoy a quick, hot meal wherever you are

Self-heating meals couldn’t be easier to have a quick hot meal no matter where you are. 

Each self-heating meal pack contains a ration heater, which you will need to add a little water to activate. You add a small amount of water to the flameless heater and then just place the sealed ration meal inside and wait for the meal to heat up. In 10-12 minutes you’ve got a hot meal to fill you up. 

These self-heating meals are an ideal catering solution for contingency planning, emergency food supply, outdoor sports and traveling. No freezing required, simply store at room temperature, and most packs have a 3 year shelf life.