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James G

Does the temperature of the region affect the speed with which the hot pack meal heats up?

HI James
It can make a difference, but it is the actual temperature of the meal that makes the most difference, for example in a cold climate, if the meal is extremely cold or frozen it will take longer to reheat.. If you have packed it or stored it a higher temperature it will take less time.

In warmer climates, the meal is already warmer and will then not take any longer.

It is best not to store at very high temperatures as this may effect the best before date.


Hot Pack Meals

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Will A

What is the difference between your hot pack self heating meals and your adventure packs?

There are 2 types of Hot Pack meals.

A Hot Meal in a box, comes in a box, it includes a meal, the flame-less heater, water activation sachet, cutlery, salt and pepper, tissue and a tray to put the hot food in. They are used in many situations for example I have some in my car as I travel quite a bit, on more than one occasion I have been stuck on the motorway for a lengthy period, I get my Hot Pack box out and have a hot meal.

An Action pack is a little different, often used by campers, backpackers or those traveling lighter.
It is packed in a sealed bag, and it contains the meal, flame-less heater, water activation sachet and a long handled plastic Spork that can be reused and is recyclable.


Vegan Meals

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Anna B

Do you have any vegan hot pack meals?

HI Anna

Thanks for getting in touch we do have a very nice MRE ready to eat Vegetable curry that is also a Vegan meal.


Hot Packs

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Joe A

Are these hot packs suitable for use with any kind of meal?

The flame-less heaters are designed for use with MRE ready to eat meals.

However successful experiments shows you can heat the contents of tins
in flame-less heater pouch. But you will need to move the tin around inside the heater, but be aware the activation water in the heater gets hot, so care must be taken when handling the hot water.

You can also add cold water to a freeze dried meal, and heat the meal, but is is very important that you do not allow the water from the heating pouch to be mixed with the food


Heating Meals

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Adam W

Do these hot pack meals need to be placed on a level surface while heating or can they heat while you are on the go?


Ideally a surface that is as level as possible is best, but it does not need to be perfectly flat, while it is re heating the meal, you need the water to be
around the whole meal for best results.


The importance of emergency rations in winter weather

Photo by Rob Wingate on Unsplash

With the snowstorms that have been hitting the UK recently, being prepared for the worst has been at the forefront of people’s minds. Making sure you have enough food in your house to last you the cold snap is a great idea, it’s always good to be prepared.

The same thing should apply to your car. If you have to go out in the bad weather on an urgent journey, or if the snow descends unexpectedly, you need to be prepared.

Through people can survive for several days without food, water is an absolute essential. Make sure you are never without bottled water in your car, especially if bad weather is forecast. Even though people can survive without food, food is important for keeping your strength and your body temperature up. Even if you are only stuck for a few hours, a pack of emergency rations in the back of your car can make a huge difference between an uncomfortable, cold, hungry wait and a simple inconvenience with a full belly.

Make sure you have other winter trip essentials in your car such as a warm blanket and a snow shovel. A full tank of petrol or diesel if you know bad weather is coming is always a smart idea.

One man was recently stuck due to the snow in his car on the motorway for 16 hours, along with hundreds of others on the road.

We have several kinds of emergency rations available that can easily be stored in your car for use in emergency situations. To us it seems worth keeping a few around in your car and those of your loved ones to give you some peace of mind in the wintery weather. If you do get stuck, you’ll be glad you thought ahead!

Expedition Food

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Karen L

Are your self heating meals suitable to be used as expedition food?

They are frequently used for Expeditions, they are also very popular with young people taking part in award schemes.

They are heavier than Freeze dried meals, but unlike Freeze dried meals they already have the water included in the meal.

Add to that a flame-less heater with a weight of 25g, there is n need to carrier a cooker.



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Emily G

What is the best way to store these mre packs when not in use?

The best way to store them is in a dry location, and not expose them to extreme temperatures.
The meal pouch is quite strong, but make sure there is no damage to the pouch, if there is hole or air can get inside, its shelf life will decrease very quickly,

Extreme temperatures can effect the best before date.



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Lloyd D

Do I need to bring my own utensils when packing for our camping trip or are they provided in the food pouches?


In each Action Pack you get:
The meal of your choice
A flame-less heater
Water activation sachet
A long Handled plastic Spork
( the Spork can be reused many times and is recyclable )

For eating Hot Pack meals it is not necessary to bring any other cutlery