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Endorsements - Field Testing

- In use since 1995

HOT PACK® Self-Heating Meals have been tested and evaluated by the Contract Policing Branch of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and were subsequently recommended for use in the field for RCMP officers and volunteers. Ref: SARScene Summer 1988, Volume 8, Number 2

HOT PACKS  in the CENTRE OF ICELAND 2011 to 2017

Event Crews in the centre of Iceland, based 100 miles from the nearest Tarmac road, the crew and medics of the Fire + Ice Ultra work in difficult conditions, and are seldom in the same place together for very long, each crew member has his or her own supply of Hot pack Adventure Meals for 10 days, that means where ever they are and what ever the time, all the crew have several Hot Meals each day, without having to have any Cooking Facilities and  taking very little time, and easy to prepare it is a perfect way to ensure the crew are well fed with Hot food while working in seperate and remote locations in the Centre of Iceland. The only problem they have is choosing what they would like from the large range in the Adventure packs.



HOT PACK® Self-Heating Meals have been used by the Canadian Coast Guard.

Hi there! 
Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the self heating meals which I ordered from you at the beginning of June. I recently competed in the mini-fastnet race in a 21 foot racing yacht - 700 miles from Dournanez in France, round the Fastnet lighthouse and back to France. The meals were all excellent to eat and light to carry in the boat. Other competitors, who were not aware of the existence of such meals were very impressed with the quality and ease of heating the meals. Many of the mini-transat skippers will, no doubt, be in touch soon.
Thanks again for a great product.
David Cains


Intrepid Misfits – Three Peaks Yacht Race


HOT PACK® Self-Heating Meals official food supplier and sponsor 'Round Britain 4 RNLI'

rnli boat

In May 2008 Paul Churchley will be taking his Jeanneau Merry Fisher 625 Round Britain on behalf of the RNLI "Train one, save many" campaign. He will set out from Plymouth and go clockwise for the 1600+ mile journey.
To raise funds for the RNLI whilst demonstrating & promoting "Best Practice" in sea safety.

hotpack rnli Morocco

- Tested by Chris Hill & Mick Stocks.

We tested the full range of Hot Pack meals throughout our entire expedition in France, Spain and Morocco. These foods were found to be excellent, both in taste and ease of use. The hot pack system of heating the food product was found to be totally reliable, resulting in a very tasty meal in only 12 minutes.

The Hot Pack meals were particularly useful in the stage of our expedition that took us through the Sahara desert. During our expedition we were caught up in 3 sandstorms. This weather rendered most other forms of cooking a meal either unusable or very difficult. The Hot Pack meals were absolutely superb here in this harsh environment. The self heating packs working in any weather were a major advantage. The other advantage being that the food was totally sealed against the fine sand, which managed to find its way into almost everything.

During the expeditions, we tried all of the meal varieties. We found the meals all to be very tasty. The portion size was excellent for most appetites the sausages and beans provided a particularly good start to the day, and the curries a particularly good evening meal.
The meals also are packed and sealed very well. Our food storage compartment was the top of the Land Rover. The extreme temperatures proved to be no problem for the Hot Pack meals.
To have such superb meals in a well produced and easy to use package was a true bonus, especially as we were providing breakdown and recovery to other vehicles on the expedition, which resulted in our late arrival at camps every night.

These are top quality products, and we would highly recommend them to anyone who has a requirement for complete, tasty meals, in an easy to store and use package. They will be high on our list of essentials on our next expedition. 
Any emergency rescue team, expedition leaders or anyone working in environments that make food preparation difficult should seriously consider these superb and tasty meals.
"Absolutely TOP KIT!!"


Hi there, just wanted to provide you with some feedback regarding your Hot Packs. A team mate of mine ordered some for us to use during our Raid The North Extreme Adventure Race this past week in Atikoken Ontario. They were absolutely awesome. I have never had such a great meal on the run (while racing) before. It was edible cold (we were racing in 100 degree weather) and fantastic hot during transitions. I feel blessed to have found a quality nutritious product that is easily digestible during our race when the last thing you feel like doing is eating. I will definitely be ordering a supply to ensure I have plenty of Hot Packs during all future Adventure Races (and camping trips for that matter)."
Paul O'Connor 
CGI - SAP Support Manager


Philip, Just to let you know that my party and I survived:- 
(a) our delivery trip - glorious weather but not enough wind and just as importantly 
(b) HotPack's meals!
When I produced the meals there was much amusement and scepticism. Some of the group refused to believe that the meals were self-heating. However as they say "the proof of the pudding ..... ". And so it turned out to be.
The HotPack meals were very well received and went down a treat and it wasn't because there was no alternative - there was as we carried more than enough foodstuffs. I guess the real proof of winning over the sceptics came when given the option of a freshly cooked meal, several of my party opted for a HotPack meal instead. Maybe that was a reflection on the cook's ability!
Once I've finished the various packs, or lost all my friends, or both, I'll be in touch for a repeat order. Who knows I might even become your Scottish Sales Agent!!
Kindest regards
David Penny


"Scottish Ambulance Service has recently awarded Canland UK Ltd the order to supply Action PackTM Self Heating Meals for their new Special Operations Response Teams. These Teams will be placed strategically across Scotland as part of an emergency planning policy to help deal with any major incident in the country. Action Pack meals will form part of the kit on board each mobile unit to instantly provide hot food for the front line emergency service personnel".

I just thought you would like to hear about a recent successful use of your product. Late last year we purchased a large quantity (I think 10 or12 cases) for Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service's overseas rescue team. Some were used during training with many of the other national teams during a course we organised in Hampshire.
However the true test was the earthquake in Iran when we were mobilised as part of the UK search and rescue response. As our sole food supply we took hotpacks sufficient for each team member to have three meals a day for seven days. We ended up feeding other people such as local interpreters, lorry drivers, other teams who had not yet set up their cooking facilities and even some ill prepared members of the press. We spent a lot of time travelling especially when stuck in a 12 hour traffic jam trying to get into the town. With hotpacks we were able to feed the bus while still struggling through the traffic. We left after 5 days and the remaining hotpacks were donated to a Save the Children representative who was just establishing a camp for incoming aid for the local population. The Kent Fire Brigade team also used them successfully.
The quality and variety of the meals was excellent and the side benefits of the heating element were utilised by team members stuffing them inside their jackets during the colder periods. We didn't bother taking emergency rations or cooking facilities so our mobilisation was quicker and our load lighter. Overall hotpacks were absolutely ideal for our purpose and will remain the cornerstone of our feeding arrangements for team deployments.
Kind regards,
Peter Crook
Divisional Officer (Civil Protection)
Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service
UKFSSART Team Co-ordinator