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Congratulations to Phil and Paul who broke the world record after driving 10 000 miles from London to Cape Town in a Fiat Panda . We are pleased that Action Pack played a small part in this achievement.                                    ACTION PACK helped break the Women's world record duration record gas balloon flight during the Coupe Aeronautique Gordon Bennet race this year.  Time spent in flight was 69 hours and 22 minutes. They used Action Pack during the flight to give themselves a morale boosting hot meal. Janet Folkes and Ann Webb took off from Geneva and landed in Toledo, Spain.     

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Hot Pack™ Self-Heating Meals offer a reliable cost effective solution for a hot meal, away from base, without needing any heating or cooking equipment.
We provide Action Pack and/or the low weight flameless ration heaters (FRH) for use with standard military ration packs.


  • The FRH is a development of the original US MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) heater designed for Desert Storm (1992).
  • The FRH is larger and more effective than the original US heater. It will heat 300g of food or water to 80 degrees Celsius from ambient room temperature in 12 minutes.
  • Once activated, the heater will keep hot for approximately 45 minutes. It can be used as a body warmer or to heat a drink after heating the meal.
  • Over 400,000 ACTION PACK™ Self Heating Meals have been supplied to United Emirates, Kuwait and Oman since 2000. Other countries are actively researching and testing the use of Action Pack meals and the flameless ration heater.

    Canland are the producers of HOTPACK™ and ACTION PACK™ Self-Heating Meals

    The British MoD have approved the use by Special Forces of the FRH together with the plastic bubble bag.

    Each HOTPACK™ and ACTION PACK™ Self-Heating meal produces a delicious, hot, ready cooked meal in twelve minutes. Everything, including the remarkable flame-less heater, activated with water, is included in the pack to heat and enjoy a real chicken casserole, Lancashire Hot Pot, Sausages and Beans, Chicken Dopiaza Curry, Golden Vegetables and Dumplings, Meatballs with Pasta in Tomato sauce and Vegetable Curry. Even a dish, cutlery, serviette and condiments are provided, no other equipment is required.

    Canland UK can entertain any enquiries for special recipes to be produced to meet individual countries and clients requirements.

Hot Pack Flameless Heaters

Hot Pack™ FAQs


What is the shelf life?


Three years from production, stored in a cool, dry area. This is a "best before" date.


What is the weight of the pack?


The Hot Pack weighs about 480g and the Action Pack about 425g.