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Congratulations to Phil and Paul who broke the world record after driving 10 000 miles from London to Cape Town in a Fiat Panda . We are pleased that Action Pack played a small part in this achievement.                                    ACTION PACK helped break the Women's world record duration record gas balloon flight during the Coupe Aeronautique Gordon Bennet race this year.  Time spent in flight was 69 hours and 22 minutes. They used Action Pack during the flight to give themselves a morale boosting hot meal. Janet Folkes and Ann Webb took off from Geneva and landed in Toledo, Spain.     

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Customer Reviews

Who can use Hot Pack™

My 17 year old son took some of your ready meals to V Festival this year, and said they were “really good” he especially liked the all day breakfast!   I thought the boxes would come back unopened as he can be a typically teenage fussy eater (pizza boy).

I got him the meals as I thought it was better than sending him with a stove and matches!!! (Typical “Kevin” most of the time)  With the added risk of the equipment failing to return (his mate failed to bring back his sleeping bag and tent !).

Anyway its not much of an endorsement but trust me I was really pleased to be able to send him away for the weekend with the knowledge he would be able to get a hot meal and a breakfast without the risk of portable BBQs undercooked sausages etc.

He’s going away to another festival next weekend so I’ve ordered some more meals for him.

Not only that but my husband is a canoeist and thought what a brilliant idea where space and weight is really tight in the canoe for weekend paddles so I’ve bought a bigger selection.

Can I suggest you put a Facebook Page up so that I can become a “friend” and that way you will get more advertising  -  hopefully more sales and bring the prices down a tad!!

You might also try the various festival organiser to advertise on their sites as I am sure they would be happier not have the risk of portable BBQs and camping stoves – alternatively to set up a stall on the festival sites – selling meals!


Karen, Essex

Emergency Services

We are a member of ADS
We supply both Hot Packs and Action Packs to individuals and organisations all over the globe. Fire Brigades, Police units and Ambulance services within the UK and Northern Ireland, are key customers since 1995.


We supply Action Pack Self Heating Meals to the Military, using our new, reliable and odourless, non-magnesium flameless heater. These provide a cost-effective solution to a hot meal, when personnel are away from base, either during transportation of units or during manoeuvres.

The light non-magnesium flameless heater is also sold separately for use in standard military ration packs. Please enquire directly at Canland UK (Hot Pack) Ltd. Tel. 01844 344474 or email

Who can use Hot Pack?



Both Hot Pack and Action Pack are used in numerous leisure pursuits. Action Pack is presented in a plastic bag and is very compact, making it ideal for packing into a back pack or for storing in small spaces. Hot Pack is slightly bigger, presented in a cardboard carton and including a dish. Once the meal has been heated, the flameless ration heater, remains warm for several minutes, providing great localised heat in a jacket pocket! The areas in which Hot Pack and Action Pack can be used are limitless, but include, walkers, anglers, campers, outdoor pop and music concerts, night shift workers, office workers, scouts/guides, day trippers, skiing, mountaineering, Duke of Edinburgh participants, yachtsmen to name a few....


We did very well in the Gordon Bennett coming 9th out of 17 teams beating former champions. We travelled 500 miles and were in the air for 22.5 hours. We enjoyed our Hot Packs through the night and on landing ,before spending the night in a field and waking to a real breakfast, landing south west of Toulouse before the Pyrenees mountains.
Unfortunately the some of the pictures of the flight were lost but we did take some of a recent cross channel flight from Lidden race track near Dover to France.

We found the Hot packs to be excellent. So easy to use, and real food that tasted great. We really enjoyed the chicken on our flight to France!!

Chris and I  recommend Hot Pack !.

My next adventure is to fly in the Dolomite mountains early January. There usually 30 to 40 hot air teams there from all over Europe. Could take some leaflets or samples with me.

Regards John and Chris

Civil Contingency

The need to prepare for facing a variety of emergency situations has increased a great deal over recent times. This is mainly due to the threat of terrorist activity or extreme weather conditions. The standard choices for contingency food storage (if made) are long-life food items such as tinned or dried products. However Hot Pack Self Heating Meals offer a hot, good tasting meal inside 12 minutes, with no cooker, microwave or fire required.

Trials & Endorsements

Please click here to find out where Hotpack and Action pack self heating meals have been used in field.

Hot Pack Flameless Heaters

Hot Pack™ FAQs


What is the shelf life?


Three years from production, stored in a cool, dry area. This is a "best before" date.


What is the weight of the pack?


The Hot Pack weighs about 480g and the Action Pack about 425g.