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Congratulations to Phil and Paul who broke the world record after driving 10 000 miles from London to Cape Town in a Fiat Panda . We are pleased that Action Pack played a small part in this achievement.                                    ACTION PACK helped break the Women's world record duration record gas balloon flight during the Coupe Aeronautique Gordon Bennet race this year.  Time spent in flight was 69 hours and 22 minutes. They used Action Pack during the flight to give themselves a morale boosting hot meal. Janet Folkes and Ann Webb took off from Geneva and landed in Toledo, Spain.     

Hot Chicken casserole on the go! Designed to heat any 300-320g vacuum sealed pouched or dish meals Hotpack supplies parts of the UK police force Hot Pack is the perfect partner on a day out at a festival Hotpack supplies some of the UK ambulance and paramedic services Hotpack is a quick and easy, lightweight solution to hot food on the go Hotpack supplies the Military customers worldwide Hotpack supplies the emergency services

Hot Pack™ Self-Heating
Nutritious Meals

Offer a new concept to 'instant' hot food and is the answer to having a hot meal away from home or base. With a heating time of only 10-12 minutes Hot Pack™ is ideal for using in remote locations, at festivals, sports meetings and motor rallies without the need for a stove or cooking equipment.


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Our Recipes

Hot Pack Recipes

Hot Pack and Action Pack come in 8 tasty and nutritious varieties, with no msg included. Hot Pack's latest heating technology ensures you have a satisfying, hot meal on the go.

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How Hot Pack™ Works

How Hot Pack Works

The unique heater inside the pack uses 45ml of water to activate the chemical mixture with an exothermic reaction. This takes the meal temperature to over 70 degrees C in 10 minutes.

> Read more about how Hot Pack™ works

Quality and Safety

How Hot Pack Works

Meals are supplied by Malton Foods in North Yorkshire who meet the Global Standards for Food Safety, grade A. We are members of Aerospace, Defence and Security Industries.

> More about the self heating pack

Hot Pack™ Videos

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Hot Pack™ Capetown to London Africa Record Run

Congratulations to Phil and Paul who broke the world record after driving 10 000 miles from London to Cape Town in a Fiat Panda.

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Hot Pack™ - IN ACTION

Soldiers training with action pack.

Defence Discount Service
Hot Pack Flameless Heaters 20 Pack

Hot Pack™ FAQs


What is the shelf life?


Three years from production, stored in a cool, dry area. This is a "best before" date.


What is the weight of the pack?


The Hot Pack weighs about 480g and the Action Pack about 425g.


Who do you supply?


We supply customers in the Military, Emergency Services, Government Embassies, Humanitarian Relief Organisations, Local councils, Security companies, Highways agencies, Search and Rescue, Private companies, Balloonists, Climbers, Walkers, Motor Sports fans, Extreme Sports participants, Yachties, Bikers, Anglers, D of E participants, Scouts, Guides and many others

Client Reviews

My 17 year old son took some of your ready meals to V Festival this year, and said they were “really good” he especially liked the all day breakfast! I thought the boxes would come back unopened as he can be a typically teenage fussy eater (pizza boy).


Karen, Essex

We travelled 500 miles and were in the air for 22.5 hours. We enjoyed our Hot Packs through the night and on landing . We found the Hot packs to be excellent. So easy to use, and real food that tasted great. We really enjoyed the chicken on our flight to France!!

We recommend Hot Pack!

John and Chris